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Diaper Backpacks

Diaper Backpacks

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They're like the

Fjallraven Kanken Backpack, but cooler!

Any agegenderseasonpurpose, and adventure is what we've got in mind. All that's left to do is choose your favorite color! 

My favorite parts of these backpacks are:

1) The colors: (I like the orange and yellow since they're bright and I feel like I won't leave the house forgetting them. They're also unisex so my husband now has a bag he feels comfortable carrying. win-win.

2) The sizes: the medium holds everything I need for two kids! Plus my 15" laptop and two H20 bottles. My small bag fits my pump perfectly.

Each medium bag is 42cm x 30cm x 12cm. 

Each small bag is 33cm x 23.5cm x 9.6cm. 

3) The fabric: water proof is now a necessity for me!

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