The Founder

Hey there, I'm KK, the creative force behind Dawne Florine. My journey in the world of fashion began at an incredibly young age, as I found myself immersed in the art of sewing alongside my grandmother in her Canadian basement. Her passion for quilting became my inspiration, and I vividly remember using her fabric scraps to craft intricate doll clothes, igniting my love for repurposing and creating something new from the old.

As I continued to hone my skills, I eagerly delved into the world of fashion, taking after-school sewing lessons and fearlessly transforming everyday items into unique pieces. From crafting dresses out of old sheets and curtains to turning my dad's ties into a one-of-a-kind skirt, my fascination with repurposing and reinvention only grew stronger.

In high school, I embarked on my first entrepreneurial venture, collaborating with my best friend to upcycle denim jeans into stylish denim skirts. This early experience laid the foundation for my future in the industry.

My passion for fashion led me to diverse opportunities, from working behind the scenes at fashion shows in Los Angeles to styling for prestigious events like the Golden Globes and New York Fashion Week. These experiences exposed me to the intricacies of the industry and fueled my determination to carve out my own path.

After graduating UCLA with a degree in World Arts & Cultures, with a focus in Turkish Textiles, I pursued further education in the Merchandise Product Development program at FIDM, where I discovered my calling in Sourcing. The dynamic nature of negotiating, problem-solving, and the intricacies of product development resonated with me on a profound level.

My professional journey took me through various roles, including delving into the sustainable fashion realm and experiencing the inner workings of Bay Area factories, from dye shops to sewing manufacturers. This hands-on experience laid the groundwork for my venture into creating garments from concept to production.

In 2017, Dawne Florine came to life, embodying my unwavering commitment to sustainability, local production, and empowering women through thoughtfully crafted, eco-friendly swimwear. My extensive background in sourcing, product development, and a relentless passion for repurposing culminated in the birth of Dawne Florine, a brand that reflects my values and vision for a more sustainable and inclusive fashion industry.

Join me on this incredible journey as we celebrate creativity, sustainability, and the art of repurposing through Dawne Florine. 

The Name

The name "Dawne Florine" is a tribute to my family and the core values of my brand. It represents the first light at daybreak and flourishing in natural beauty and individuality, reflecting our commitment to renewal and sustainability. Dawne, my adventurous aunt, was an independent woman, who traveled solo and split time between Mayne Island and India. Florine, my homestead great-grandmother, was a mom first, who lived on a farm in Arizona and believed in passing along family traditions to her seven children and countless grandchildren.