Meet the Powerhouse

Celebrating the Unstoppable Women Behind Dawne Florine

At Dawne Florine, we take immense pride in the incredible female talents who make our vision a reality. From sewing factories to printing, dyeing, fabric mills, and development, these powerhouse women are the driving force behind our success. Allow us to introduce you to the unstoppable team:

Sewing Factories

Miranda - A fellow San Franciscan, Miranda has been our trusted partner since our FIDM days over a decade ago. Her expertise, quick turnarounds, and low MOQ is unmatched.

Nelly & Raquel - This dynamic mother-daughter duo from Los Angeles has been our quarterly rendezvous since 2017. With over 40 years of combined experience, they're the powerhouses behind our initial swimwear construction, advising reversibility, and 6-way designs. They're currently manufacturing the female-led brand, Frankies Bikinis.

Edward's Mom - In 2020, we met this Oakland-based boss lady known for her low costs and local presence. Zero returns and a successful Gap Inc. swimwear line later, she's an invaluable partner. All our children swim is cut and sewn with this team.

Ann - 2023 introduced us to Ann and her sweet factory. Despite rising rent challenges, her commitment to smaller projects never wavers. She's a real partner in our up-cycling projects.

Printers & Dyers

Rachel - Since 2018, Rachel has been our go-to for printing on synthetic fabrics. Her unbeatable dyes withstand chlorine, sun exposure, and salt water – a true boss in a male-dominated industry!

Mary - In 2021, we stumbled upon Mary's amazing Marin County dye house while sourcing for a client. Balancing business and babies, she's a force to be reckoned with.

Fabric Mills

Ashley - Together, we turned hundreds of recycled water bottles into our popular men's swim trunk fabric for Gap Inc. The result? Sold out in a week! Super soft, and the most rewarding development yet.

Whitney - When time was tight, Whitney came through with a compression fabric that's a tummy-taming dream. Always going the extra mile, even if it means waiting for my Uber together! You can thank her for the women's one-piece.

Development Team

Bernice - our trim guru. We've been partners for about 15 years when we met during my first internship. Any zipper or button that's not up-cycled, is sourced with the help of the JN team.

Mary Ann - Mrs. Parker and I go way back over 10 years! She's the reason our swimwear fits like a dream with zero returns. I rely on her for every category of projects, from adult onesies to kids swim!

Nancy - Originally my FIDM teacher, Nancy helped bring our high-waisted bikini bottom to life, which lead to our first swim collaboration with Janie & Jack.

Alexandra - A new addition, Alexandra, nailed our seamless long sleeve surf swimsuit on the first try. Her couture expertise helped Gigi Hadid name this as her top suit in Vogue Magazine. 

Here's to the unstoppable women who make Dawne Florine a reality! We're forever grateful for your talents, dedication, and partnership.