Meet the Women



Nelly & Raquel - I met Nelly and her mom, Raquel in Los Angeles, CA in Summer 2017 and visited them once a quarter. The duo has owed their sew shop for over 40 years. I chose to work with this mother-daughter factory because they specialize in swim garment construction and help employ a dozen female seamstresses. They've been amazing partners in helping me design timeless pieces that are functional and meant to last season over season.

Edward's Mom - I met Edward's mom in Oakland, CA in 2020. Their willing-ness to partner on unique projects in a timely fashion have been invaluable. I love that they are local, too! It's easy to drive over and check the quality of production, which I do way too often.


Rachel Lo - I met Rachel in 2018 and love working with her because she's been printing on synthetic fabrics for over 30 years. The quality of her dyes are far superior than anything I've seen in the swimwear industry. I love working with her becasue she is a bad ass business woman in a male-dominate industry.


Ashley - we developed a fabric made from hundreds of recycled water bottles for our new men's swim trunk! This style sold out in the 1st week, must have been the soft and sustainable fabric ;)

Whitney - I was in a time crunch and Whitney was able to deliver a compression fabric that has impeccable tummy control when sewn into a one-piece swimsuit. She even kept her showroom open late for me while we waited for my Uber to arrive :) we were both exhausted! 


Mary Ann - my partnership with Mrs. Parker began over 10 years ago when I was designing my adult onesie patterns. I was a total rookie, ignorance was definitely bliss, and I appreciate Mary Ann so much for believing in me and continuing to work with me for all these years. She's the reason why we have had ZERO returns in our women's swimwear due to fit.

Nancy I reconnected with Nancy after my FIDM days, and she helped me with the development of my high waisted bikini bottom and one-piece paper patterns.

Alexandra - my most recent pattern maker who is local and we're so excited to bring her on! She created our seamless long sleeve surf swimsuit and the first prototype was perfect, we tried to look for changes and were able to proceed into production!

 *pics & testimonies coming soon!