Social Responsibility

Sustainability has moved from the edge of the fashion customer's product consideration and into the mainstream. As our awareness around sustainability grows and starts to become a mark of status, it will rapidly become an essential product attribute. At Dawne Florine we upcycle deadstock fabrics to create collaborative collections with partners, and retain branding for a playful and Instagram-ready trend. See our current project here.

As sustainability continues to be a key focus for us, circularity, the process of maintaining a garment's value through multiple lives, is gaining focus. Resale and rental are important elements of circular business models, but the focus is now on the more challenging model of material recycling. We are committed to use innovative fibres and have had a consistent partnership with Econyl since 2017. We are constantly exploring trends and developing new fabrics and hope to invent a circular swimwear design by 2022. Can we use mono-materiality and fibre innovation to ensure recycling? We’re going to find out!


  1. Waste as revenue:look to waste as a key ingredient in manufacturing. Divert it from landfill, using innovations to include it in new products.
  2. Collaboration:optimize the innovation, by-products and opportunities of other corporations to further our sustainable footprint.
  3. Education through experience:encourage consumers to engage in a sustainable lifestyle through experiences, from creating a second use for our products to working alongside local communities.
  4. Think beyond product:include marketing, advertising and rental opportunities in our agenda to take the sustainable message beyond the final product.